What is Breakthroughs to Cures?

Breakthroughs to Cures is an online idea-generating game designed to garner new ideas for how we can change the medical research system to develop treatments and cures for patients faster. Imagine a future scenario (watch the video below) that takes place in 2020. A widespread contamination has triggered a neurological disease that is expected to infect as many as 100 million people in the U.S. Government leaders have convened a panel to investigate ways to accelerate the pace of research and find treatments or cures for this disease before it strikes. Over a 24-hour period, players will be sharing ideas and collaborating to build better ideas to help this panel uncover the best ways to change the current system of medical research and drug development.

Foresight Engine: Breakthroughs to Cures from Foresight Engine on Vimeo.

Why a game?

Every day millions of online gamers bring their real world experiences into fictional settings and accomplish great things. Why not engage the power of an online game to solve a real world problem, getting medicines to patients as quickly as possible? Breakthroughs to Cures is an experiment designed to test this hypothesis.  Read more…

Who should play the game?

You don’t have to be a medical expert or a scientist to play. If you care about accelerating the pace of medical research and getting new medicines to patients faster you should play. We want fresh perspectives in this game. Players can be university scientists, business leaders, healthcare innovators, caregivers, MDs, biopharma executives and R&D professionals, government regulators, patients, entrepreneurs, and other problem-solvers. This is your chance to join with other committed individuals to explore the best ways to change academic medical research and pharma drug development to benefit patients with unmet needs.

How do I play the game?

Visit this page to learn how to play the game.

Is there a cost to play the game?

No, there are no registration fees required to play. The game is made possible by funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio .

What will happen after the game?

The best ideas generated by the game will be publicly shared with the hope that broader and deeper conversations on this topic will make real change possible.

When is this game?

Two games will be played on October 7-8 and November 9-10 respectively. Each game is live online for 24 hours. Pre-registration for the second game starts October 18th at www.breakthroughstocures.org. There are limited spots available so pre-register early.